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Things that I never got to share!  
Angel one day I was going to share your life’s story and how you came to be but never go that chance. I wanted a child more than anything in this world for years I prayed for you. The doctors said no children in my future but I didn’t give up or lose faith I continued to pray. Especially during the earliest part of your existence from within the womb somehow I was affected with morning sickness this prompted me to pray even more. The reason why is because I knew no way was it possible I was pregnant in the physical sense yet heavenly father had a plan. You were brought into the world through a different woman whom told me later she had always had morning sickness till you. This woman did not wish to have another child and even confessed she tried to abort you while you were early in the womb. I was in a different State when heavenly father prompted me to return to my previous State and home. There was a catch to this prompting though I did not want to return to my previous home. I could not ignore my heavenly father, obey is what I had to do but in doing so I asked for you once more. Shortly after obeying heavenly father and returning to my previous home. My sister came to tell me of a woman the one who carried you but she was not certain if I was interested. Later my sister brought this woman my home immediately there was no explaining it but she knew I was your Mother. The same happened to me I knew she was the one whom held my most cherished gift you. I took her to the doctor visits and did not miss a moment in anxious anticipation of the moment you would come. I even knew the day and the moment you would come into the world my sweet precious child. The happiest day of my life was when I first looked into your eyes it was as if I had looked into the soul of heaven. The moment our eyes met their was no description that comes close the world stopped and peace joy and love filed every inch of space in the room. Your eyes held keys that can never be replaced unconditional love was what you brought into my life. Holding you in my arms my life was complete nothing could ever come close to expression of contentment holding you brought to my world. As I watched you grow you were intelligent, walked, talked and latched onto every moment of life with an indescribable energy and enthusiasm. Other attributes arose along the way you were inquisitive, loyal, loving and kind. I watched you on numerous occasions as you dance through my world with so much joy and ambition to live for the moment. Reminding me continuously to smell the flowers as you go, barney the dinosaur songs were sung regularly. We shared laughter, joy, fun, sunshine, rainbows, stars and lent the world such a great gift with your incredible smile. You touched others hearts & souls making a difference everywhere you went. You had an incredible sense of humor bringing laughter everywhere. There were toys consisting of barney, baby bop, baby dolls, jacks, monopoly, the list goes on and on. Our journey had mostly laughter although we did have some tears. It was a tough world for both of us at times the man calling himself dad made days harder than they had to be. I wish so many times sweet girl I would have gathered you up and just stowed away with you far far away. I remember so much holding you in my arms protecting you from all sorts of possible harms. You have no ideal my sweet girl just how much you meant to me for this I’m sorry I never truly let you know. I needed you darling with every ounce of my soul you thought me so much without you I’m lost. I just don’t know how to go on sweetheart my heart is broken and this time I don’t think it can be fixed. I try so hard to go forward but again without you I’m so lost while you were here I had purpose. You made me so happy through you I lived each day, sure we had moments where we did not see eye to eye. But my precious you have no ideal how I lived each breath through you how you gave me energy I never knew. How I could look in your eyes and see far into your soul our souls are forever connected in ways unexplainable. I wanted to be beside you one day when you heard your own babies cry, as you went through the college years, watch you walk down the isle and see all the things for you I never had. Darling I wanted to be your mommy I needed to be your mommy how do I go forward without you here. I don’t understand why this had to happen I’m lost in so many ways my life can never move forward as happy as before you left me. I know you thought somehow you were not important in my world now you’ll never know just how much I depended on you. I wish so many things could have come to be.

You loved everyone in your path, shared everything you had, giving each day completely from the heart.
Never did you meet a stranger, Felt it was your duty and worried if someone was ill, sad or needed of something you had. So funny you could be especially for family and friends, I’ve so much to share for you were so busy with life an expert spelling bee champ, wonderful swimmer, award winning merit list holder, expert baby sitter, gymnast, signer, flute player in the band. You were going to be a pediatrician, have beautiful children of your own one girl and one boy. You were such a beautiful gift teaching me and others along your way. You were known for fighting for the underdog, and had such an exceptional spirit and love of all living things. You loved sweet movies, music, talking on the phone with friends, constantly on the go. Apple Jacks for breakfast, pickles, ice cream, candy, cheeses’ food the list goes on and on. You had courage, compassion and love more than some people will ever know.

As the years went by and I watched you grow I remember so many things your driving the four wheeler and flipping it. Getting up seeing my face full of fear and running your way you said I’m okay mom I was so scared I said no more four wheeler for you. Angel do you know somehow how much you meant to me how very much I love you? Please somehow let me know, life is so hard with you gone I just want to hold you once more that’s all I ask God please let me hold you close just once more. I remember holding you close in my arms looking into your eyes sharing a connection only the two of us could know. A friend of yours told me of days when you and her would roll down the hill to see who could make it to the bottom first. How you lived so much in such a short time it’s as if somehow you always knew your days were short. I could not count the cards and notes you wrote the pictures you drew for me how much you loved me. When you hugged me my darling nothing of this world could ever matter I wanted so much to repay your sweet love. Sometimes I would over hear you talking for hours on the phone and just giggle to myself as if I were living as a child through you. So many times it crossed my mind how I would remind you of some of those day’s. I know you would not want me to cry no matter how hard it is for me not to I’ll try not to anymore. It’s been almost two years now since you left my side to return to heaven and seems it will always be hard. If tomorrow things were different and I had a chose to make to suffer in pain or to never know you there is not doubt what the answer would be. No matter how much pain I’ve endured or how much may come because I can no longer hold you in my arms. I would trade one precious moment of you in my life not one I assure you.

My heart continues it's longing for you!  

I spend each day wishing you were close my heart continues to long for you.  Can't help but wonder how I will continue on sweet girl without you.
No one will ever love me the way you did Angel, look over my short commings and just accept me.  You were going to be my college girl it would not be long till you would be 17.  One day when I needed someone to take care of me when no longer I could do that you would have I could count on that.  Now what do I do whom will love me enough to look after me in my final day's?  It's not fair that you had to leave me so soon you were the best part of my world.  I go to your final resting place almost every day just to feel closer to you.  Knowing your not there yet not knowing how to go forward without you still.  Some day's it's as if your still with me I ask Heavenly Father to hold you close, hug and kiss you daily.  My strenght is really weakness if only others knew just how much you built my world and made it all worth while.  My heart hurts and all I can hope is you watch over and guide me from heaven.  If only just once more I could look in those eyes, see that sweet smile and hold your precious hand.  Never again would I ask heavenly father for anything more.  I Love you and miss you sweetie!  Love Mommy    

December 1st light a candle to say Happy Birthday Angel!  

Happy Sweet Sixteen day my sweet Angel!  I'll never forget the party plans we spoke about just weeks before your jorney from this world.  Remember asking about inviting lots of people for the biggest party ever my sweet girl?  I'm asking Heavenly Father to take over for me since I can't be up there with you.  I promise this day will be celebrated in many way's but especially from deep inside my heart.  Regardless of the fact that I can not see you blow out the candles on the biggest cake ever, the day will still be a celebration in your honor.  I never forget your 5 year old birthday when you thought we were not going to celebrate because we had taken in Kristol and Jessica.  The tears that came to your eyes when I walked in with that birthday cake and we sang happy birthday.  You are so precious, so loving and so cherrished.  Today I will be thinking of Heavenly Father lighting the candles on that beautiful cake and just think of all the people in attendance.  I wish I could be there but apprantly there is still work for me here.  But my sweet precious Angel my spirit will be with you throughout this day.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY listen for me to wake up singing the happy birthday song just for you.  I know Heavenly Father will let you hear me singing just for you on this special Birthday.  I Love You!  

The first moment her eyes met mine!  
Angel was sent to me by God even though I did not give birth to her she was prayed for long before she came into the world. With Angel the only thought I had about adoption was missing all the events leading up to her birth. Where you go to the doctor or watching the baby grow inside through ultrasound but God loved me so much. He fixed it so that I would not miss a thing down to the morning sickness through the wonderful experience of open adoption I didn’t miss a thing. The day she was born I had told everyone before hand she would be born on that day long before it came. Then secretly not wanting to intrude on the Bio Mothers first moment I did not ask to hold her first but God knew my hearts secret. This goes to show he knows the desires of our heart because he knew mine and I did not even ask him for the moment to hold her first. When she was born her screams were loud enough I know the whole hospital could have heard her of course my heart was swelling from wanting to cradle her but not dare asking. At that moment it was like God told the doctor to ask if I wanted to hold her quickly I looked over at the Bio Mother asking if it were okay. She started before I could ask go ahead hold her she said taking my sweet Angel in my arms she looked into my eyes and the room went quite. When her eyes met mine I knew she was my Angel and she knew I was her Mommy. I am so thankful she allowed me to be her mommy and that God blessed me with this most precious gift of love.

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