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Mary/Misty / Cheryl~Mom To Angel William Joe Day~
Mary, I am so sorry for your loss of such a wonderful young lady. Misty is a true pleasure to read about. Thank you for sharing her story.
I feel your sense of pride when talking of her and I feel your saddness by her having to leave this earth so early.
I will hold you both in my thoughts and prayers today, tomorrow, and always.
Sending much love and many hugs,
Cheryl {for grieving moms}
thinking about you  / Kristi Worthen (Friends)
haye girl...its been a few days sence i found this site...& im already spending all my time on it looking at your pictures...I miss you so much...I'm so sorry for all the hard times that we went through together...but im really happy that we had more fun times then ever...ill never forget you or the way you always made me smile just because you smiled...i love you so much...i cant wait to see you again!!!

Love you always


I love you Misty---Tyler

I'm miss you so much!!!  / Kristi Worthen (Best Friends )

I just want to let you know that I love & miss you so much!!! I would do anything & everything for you!!! I'm so sorry that we was in a fight befor you passed on...but I know in my heart that we never stoped loving or careing for one another!! you are my sister for ever & always...& I can't wait to meet you again in heaven. I'll never forget how you saved me & changed my life so much just by being there for me...you were & always will be my angel!!! Brittany wanted me to tell you that she misses you too!I wish that our last goodbye was a good one...but I know in my heart that if you were still here that we'd be closer than ever...
you and me were just a like girl and I'll never find a better friend than what you were to me!!! I wish that I could just see you one last time...so that I can tell you how much I love you and how much I miss you!! Its been a long hard year without you by my side...but I know you were right there with me all those night that I cried!!! I tried to go to your funeral but...i didn't have a ride!!! I'm so sorry...I just want to see your face one last time...I love you so much!!!

Your Sister for life...KRISTI W.

Thinking of you  / Janet (friend)

What a wonderful tribute too your Misty, a beautiful young lady to always be missed and loved.
always j, gabies mom

I Love her and miss you my girlfriend Misty  / Jack Hudspeth (Boyfriend)
Misty is the love of my life she was not only my girlfriend but a friend of mine. I remember the first day I met her it was at school and JROTC she walked in with a big smile on her face. Even though my day was messed up she made it better, I pulled her out of formation to help her but I really just wanted to talk with her. She made me so happy I miss that smile of her’s. I loved that smile she had so much energy we started dating on 08/29/05. I remember all the good times we had and the plans we made but most of all I remember love we had between us. Nothing can stop that I will always love her and will never forget her or the times we had. I love her and miss her.
that time of year  / Kristi Worthen (best friend )  Read >>
that time of year  / Kristi Worthen (best friend )

hey babygirl


im sitting here listing to all of our old songs that we used to love and rock out to =]     && remembering all the times we had around this time of the year. ridding to little rock with tyler his grandma & my dad you & tyler sneeking around the mall to buy me a christmas//birthday gift...going out to eat & just acting like that night could be our last =[    && it just hit me after 3 years that you really aren't coming back to earth i dont know why it took me so long.  ive always kinda had in my head that you passing was all a joke or something & that one day you'd call me screaming "got cha"    but it never happened... & its really depressing ='[    but you really are a angel...because of you ive learned that you need to live the days like they are your last & treat people like you want to be treated. because you never really know what day is going to be your last only God knows.   i just wish i could have one more day with you... to tell you i love you & how special you are to me & how much of a difference you made in my life && to atleast tell you good bye.  you were the bestest friend ANYBODY could ever ask for...i hope you know that you are very loved & nobody ould ever take your place in the hearts you have touched.   i love you babygirl!! big hugs & kisses


kristi lynn

who'd you be today---kenny chesney  / Kristi Worthen (sisters)  Read >>
who'd you be today---kenny chesney  / Kristi Worthen (sisters)

Sunny days seem to hurt the most, i wear the pain like a heavy coat, I feel you eveywhere i go, i see your smile, I see your face, I hear you laughing in the rain, still can't believe your gone.

it aint fair you died too young, like a story that had just begun, the day tore the pages all away, God knows how I miss you, all the hell that I've been through just knowing no one could take your place, sometimes i wonder who'd you be today

when you see the world would you chase your dreams, settle down with a family, i wonder what you'd name your babies, some days the sky's so blue, feel like i can talk to you, i know it might sound crazy,

it aint fair you died too young, like a story that had just begun, the day tore the pages all away, God knows how I miss you, all the hell that I've been through just knowing no one could take your place, sometimes i wonder who'd you be today

today, today, today,

today, today, today

sunny days seem to hurt the most, i wear the pain like a heavy coat, the only thing that gives me hope, is i know, ill see you again someday

someday, someday


hey baygirl! i herd this song the other day and thought of you. its was really hard on my birthday without you. all the plans we made in life together...its strange not having you here still. i miss you alot. just know you are always in my heart and I love you. Rest in peace babygirl (Misty Angel Tantham)

love always

     Kristi Lynn

I love you babygirl  / Kristi Lynn (best friends (sisters) )  Read >>
I love you babygirl  / Kristi Lynn (best friends (sisters) )

hey sweet heart!

Girl I sure have been missing you! Its almost been 2 years since you've left earth & I'm still having a hard time saying you've passed. I still think that maybe we'll run into eachother at the mall or the movies where we used to just "bump" into eachother all the time. And it feels really empty without you there to laugh at the police *lol* ~good times~

Gosh I just can't believe it.

My best friend is gone. You was the only friend that I ever open myself up to fully.

I miss you so much.

Watch over your family, friends, && all the ones you love.


Kristi Lynn

Angel Girl  / Sarah Hudspeth (A Distant Friend )  Read >>
Angel Girl  / Sarah Hudspeth (A Distant Friend )
Hey Sweetie~Pie!!!
I just want to give you my apology and wish this could be in person! I know that you're very understanding and that you know I would if I could! There's so much I want to tell you!! But you know most of it when I talk...lol...you're the only one who knows what I'm talking about! Like I have told you before I know that we would have been extremely close if I wasn't going through what I was going through at the time! And then again, you where seeing our darling angel then, so maybe that wouldn't be best!! However I know that you love me and almost as I do you for picking me for him!! I know you did, and I bet thats how you got your angel wings!!! Jack was the best gift you could have given me!! I wish I could give you something back in return!! Something just as magnificent as he is! Which you knew that he needed love, and you knew that I was the only one that would love him the way you did if not more...and always be there for him and watch over him! Lol, I know you're watching over us all!! I long to be more like you everyday....I ask our heavenly father to give me the strength not to be ugly and use ugly words or feel such hatred toward anyone! I know that my prayers are being answered alittle bit more everyday!! I know that I've told you and I've tried telling your mama to, but I'm sry for all the bull crap! I know that you where there, and even though I didn't know what to do, say, or how to feel...I felt your presence around me and I feel your hugs and your love ans such amazing kindness and forgiveness!!! I know that you've forgiven alot of people during your passing away, especially since how you know exactly how they REALLY are!! Even though you've forgiven them, I seem to have a hard time doing so myself, and further more...I have more of a difficult time, forgiving myself!! I know that everything happened the way it did for a reason! I know that our Lord wouldn't have it any other way or it would have happened that way...so we all have to respect that! I know that you are so happy for Jack and for me as well!! I know that you would have named your kids Sarah and Nick...!! I don't find that as just a coensidence (spelling?) It was a reason for that!!! You're are truely an ANGEL!!! I'm sry its been so long since I've been on here or came by to visit you! But I know that most importantly we talked often! And thats all that matters, you helped me grow...in ways that I don't think you could do if you where here....cuz I would not let your words get into me.....but I know your doing your Angel duties!! And I know why God took you so early! He needed you more than we did so you can help those in need in a new way, sorta like you did and have done with me! He needed your loving, kind, and gentle spirit....he couldn't let you grow old...and be stiff, and let that spirit die away, so he came and took you when he had to! Give your mommy all your love tonight and let her get some rest!!! She misses you so much and I know she beats herself up sometimes....She loves you ...I don't know which one of you loves the other one more? lol!!! Jack misses you to, believe me!!!... Its good that he is bringing himself together! He was so torn apart when I first came into his life, and now.....we are growing together! I hope that you give your mama the strength to forgive me to! I know its gonna be hard but now that the bad part is over......we can all move on and grow together!!!
Here's a poem that gives so much of you and me together in our relationship now....as one.....I hope you love it as much as I do...aint it so true.....

You are the angel who I cherish so dearly in this heart of mine,
The one who makes my day brighter by making my whole world shine,
During all my darkest moments when my skies grow cloudy and grey,
You're the one who touches my heart and makes everything seem okay!
I count my blessings that I have an angel like you so close at hand,
A friend who aways watches over me Someone who can always understand,
If I need someone to guide me you are always right there beside me,
Giving so much of yourself each time to guide me to the light so I can see,
We are all assigned a guardian angel and I'm so glad God chose you as mine,
He knew that whenever I needed his love that YOU would be an ANGEL to me EVERYTIME!!! This author was unknown...I knew you sent me to find it!!! Watch over Jack with me, he needs so much right now! He gave us a scare not to long ago...and that thing that happened to day got him down a little...It will be okay though!!! I know that you will watch over us both! I know that God sent your mama to me as well....cuz if I couldn't learn so much about being the kind of angel you are...I wouldn't be able to change my dark ways...and be seen in the pure white light!! LOL..You know what I'm talking about lol!!!! Well, sweetie~pie!!! I'm gonna light you a nighty night candle!! For some reason I think your pushing me to say exactly that!! Maybe it will be a sign for someone else? Only you know!! lol, God has blessed me with an ANGEL friend, and a loving and devoted loving future husband to be!!! We will all be together again one day! and thats when we can see our father face to face!!! Only you know how beautiful he is!! Give Jack's and my mimi a huge hug and a kiss...I know she's dancing with "THE KING" lol!!! We all love and miss all of our loved ones that have pasted away!! It's okay cuz your spirits will always live within our hearts!!! Goodnight, and may we be blessed with sweet dreams! Can't wait for our future to come!! Love ya, Love me always, Sarah Beth Hudspeth!!to be, thanks to you angel!!!
P.S. thanks for pointing out to me that I shouldn't let others bring my spirits down....no matter what or who they are!!! Close
Merry Christmas in Heaven  / Arlene Gundersen (I am a grieving Mom )  Read >>
Merry Christmas in Heaven  / Arlene Gundersen (I am a grieving Mom )
Angel, this time of the year is so difficult for grieving parents. Stay close to your Mom and let her know you're with her every minute of every day.  She created a beautiful memorial site for you. She loves you SO much. 
I hope you have met up with my Danny. I'm sure you will become great friends.  
May your Christmas be "Heavenly".
Peace sweet child,
Need you...Love you...and miss you  / Kristi Worthen (Sisters)  Read >>
Need you...Love you...and miss you  / Kristi Worthen (Sisters)


Haye girl I miss you so much. I think you so much for being with me everyday of these hard times I'm having...Nobody knows what I'm going through but God, Jesus, and You ANGEL!! God, Jesus, and ANGEL! I love that you're one of my true Angels now!! You've always been your moms...but its good to know that I still have my bestest friend in the world here with me! I love you so much Angel! Please watch after Tyler too...you know whats going on more than I do so please be his sister and help him out...he needs you too! We're not talking anymore so I can't help him...so please do that for me...I know that you're trying to already and Thank you so much Angel! I need you more than ever right now...I'm gong to our old hang out spot tonight...ill be thinking about you all night girl! I love you girl...Just please help me out like you used to....send me a sign of what to do about all this pain im going through without you here physicaly! I love you girl and I miss you so much!! I know that you're sitting there think "Kristi you've said that like a millon times" and then "I LIKE IT THOU" ~lol~ and that's why I miss you and love you so much!! talk to you tonight girl bye ANGEL!!


It seems like it's been forever  / Kristi Worthen (Best Friends )  Read >>
It seems like it's been forever  / Kristi Worthen (Best Friends )

         I miss you so much. I need you, and wish you were here1 You are my only true friend that I feel like I can talk to. So many things are going on right now and I just need you. I know that you are here for me but I need you here to give me one of your angel hugs! Girl I love you so much...I'm so glad that we you came into my life, it hasn't been the same since! But if i had one chance to go back and change anything...i would have made sure that we were still as close as we were! I've never had ANY friend like you...so true and sweet...you are my true angel and I hope that you will be waiting at Heaven gates to welcome me! Keep watch over mom, me, and those that love you!


I know that we are still best friends...and nobody will EVER take your place...nobody could (you're a very special friend, person, daughter,and ANGEL)

Angel Fly!!  / Kristi Worthen (best friends )  Read >>
Angel Fly!!  / Kristi Worthen (best friends )
ANGEL i wanted to give you a kiss...share it with God & Jesus for me!! Girl some girls died today that I think were your friends...show them around!!! Girl I miss you so much but talking to mommy has I think really helped both of us!!! Well girl I  you...im gonna go to bed!!! You might be gone from earth but just to let you know you're still in our minds,dreams, & HEARTS!!!!! Stay close to mommy & me!!!

REMEMBER::you said "JUST LIKE US, Pink & Black ALWAYS go together"

LOVE'S FOREVER  / Kristi Worthen (best friends )  Read >>
LOVE'S FOREVER  / Kristi Worthen (best friends )
well we miss you a lot misty...i felt you today!!! STAY WITH US ((your mom really needs you))


**KRISTI** Close
Thinking of you!  / Janet (friend)  Read >>
Thinking of you!  / Janet (friend)

Thinking of you, Angel and your family.  I'm so sorry!
always, j, gabies mom Close
tomorrow / Kristi Worthen (best friends )  Read >>
tomorrow / Kristi Worthen (best friends )
Misty ANGEL Trantham
I want you to know that I love you & tomorrow I promise you that everybody that comes with us tomorrow will know & love you...nobody will be there that didn't know you!!! WE ((your mom & me)) will make sure of that!! Your so missed & loved here on earth!! Well sweet angel I'm going to go get ready to go to my driving thing


I love you lots  / Kristi Worthen (best friends )  Read >>
I love you lots  / Kristi Worthen (best friends )
Haye girly...
well i know that you already know that me & your mother talked & I just wanted to say thank you & i cant wait 2 come see you on ((YOUR DAY)) I love you!!! you're my ANGEL...im going to go with your mom to the thing about you...i just hope that we dont get in trouble =) well girl im going to go


**KRISTI** Close
I just miss u so much  / Kristi Worthen (best friends )  Read >>
I just miss u so much  / Kristi Worthen (best friends )

haye hunnie!!!
Well it's not long until that day & it's been really hard!! I  you so much girl!! you mean the world to me & I don't know were i'd be right now if you wouldn't have came in my life...you got me away from the bad friends, bad boyfriends, & showed me what a realy friend was, & got me a boyfriend that I am so happy with...we both miss you dearly & cant wait to come see you! We try to talk about you but always end up crying so we have to stop...even tho its been a year neither one of us is over you passing...I think when we see your ((SPOT)) then we'll be worse for a while but contiue to get better every passing day that your gone !! well i'm going to go I love you so much Misty ANGEL Trantham & I hope you live on with us that loves you forever and always

To Long  / Kristi Worthen (Best Friends )  Read >>
To Long  / Kristi Worthen (Best Friends )

Haye girl well only 8 more days until ((THAT DAY))& 
it seems like its only been days sence you've been gone! I hope you know that every passing day sence then i've thought about what your last thought was, who was it about, & if you thought about me any before your passing day! Now that you're gone i think about how we last ended & would you have forgiven me on the spot...I missed you so much & I wanted to call but I didn't know your number or anybody that had it..I wish I would have because then I would have come & seen you before you left!! Misty your were the best friend that I ever had & I hope you know that nobody could or would replace you...your in my heart forever!! We always told each other stuff like that & I want you to know that I ment it...NOBODY can replace you EVER!!! I might just spend the whole day with you on the 8th...I should have been their a year ago but I know you know the reason!! Well girl I'm going to
go...Stay with me & help me deal I LOVE YOU!! 

your sister for life

Just thinking of you...  / Sarah Owen (Friend)  Read >>
Just thinking of you...  / Sarah Owen (Friend)

Hey, I really dont know what to say....except I wish that we were closer than what we were....What I did know about you, was mostly all good!!!  You care about alot of people that I do to now...I wish I could talk to you so in a way a do sometimes....we know this lol....anyone that reads this is gonna think Im completely nuts...lol....  Like I said before Im sorry that your life on earth was so short...however...like I told your mommy that it was just your time and there was nothing we can do!  I know you love her so much....and I know you still love Jack!  I only ask from you...even though I know your going to anyway....just be with them both...Im really more worried about your mama...because Im with and talk to Jack most of the time!  I've talked to your mama about this...and you as well...I just want you to know and everyone that reads this to know....even though we weren't close I look at all my true friends as my sister...and you and your mama are apart of my family........I love you and miss you....Kristi misses you alot and she is so sry for what she said to you, which Im sure you know that....and as far as Jack goes.....I thank you for bringing us together....I love him with all I have....he's my everything..I love him with  all my heart.....there's nothing I wouldn't do for him...and I know you know that...thats why you sent us together!  I wish for you to be with all of us daily!  I think you've letting Jack and me come together made him realize that its ok to love again...and I hope that you help your mama realize that to....I think you sent us to each other to....  She is such a wonderful person and she loves you so stay with her but let her know to that its ok to have upset moments at times...but help her as I am with her healing process...  I know you are...but I just feel like I need to tell you lol!  She loves you, we all do!  We miss you to!  Everyone goes through some hard times, as I am now...I feel you with me at times...and I thank you for that!  Love ya like a sis, Love me always, Sarah.....Im just gonna leave with I love you and wish we were closer....I will talk to you later....as I know you will, be with us all through our hard times....you can't be in a better place than in the fathers arms....and when we all do get to meet again...what better place than heaven...Love ya, ya sista, Sarah!

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